Since 2002 PrimaComm, based on a wide range and diverse experience of
its people possesses a unique capability to undertake all Telecommunication,
Information Technology and Surveillance requirements with the most
comprehensive solution. PrimaComm possesses the in house capability of design,
product selection, product supply, installation, project management, quality
control, commissioning and documentation. PrimaComm founders and associates
possess an admirable experience, know-how and communication abilities that cover
all telecommunications, information technology and surveillance products and
services. This is what PrimaComm is all about “It’s People”

PrimaComm, is a provider of exceptionally high quality

network solutions for Telecommunication, Data Communications and Surveillance
Systems. Our team is formed of the best and brightest technology and service
professionals in the Egyptian market with a total of over 100 years of
experience in the Middle East Region.

PrimaComm is targeting to provide the Middle East Region
with the best networks products and services in the field of Telecommunication,
Information Technologies and Surveillance Systems.

PrimaComm is also targeting the capture of the largest
portion of the tremendous growth potential in Egypt and the region’s IT and
Telecom market by focusing on professional services, the Internet and
e-commerce solutions that are becoming a vital part of every sector of the

Finally, PrimaComm strategy is to enrich the targeted market
with the latest technologies in the world of telecom by partnering with a
selection of world Leader Company’s in the field of telecom, information and
surveillance technologies.

our Scope


We help our clients transform their businesses with private, secure, reliable wireless networks.

Smart Homes

Technology to make your everyday tasks in the home (or office) simpler, safer, or less expensive

Light Current

Helps you to plan, design, implement, and support a comprehensive enterprise solution based on best-of-breed technologies,  

Solar Energy System

Developed a strategy to catalyze solar markets in Africa through the distribution of solar lights

Optical Fiber

Fiber can transport more information longer distances  in less time than any other communications medium, These advantages have led to fiber becoming the transport medium of choice for practically all data, voice and video communications. PrimaComm provides a complete end to end solution including all project stages from the Site investigation survey, Design and CAD drawing stage, going through the Installation and delivery phase, ending with the testing of Fiber Optic communication links .

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Driving technology for leading brands

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